Our staff

In addition to the consultants, BARRE LAFORGUE & Associés has experienced administrative staff who efficiently assists the consultants, consisting of an administrative and financial manager, an administrator in charge of foreign filings, an administrator in charge of annuities (maintenance of patents), and assistants trained in industrial property.

The firm also has all the technical means which the consultants need to carry out their work, i.e. a computerised internal system to manage the clients’ patent and trademark files – led by an IT manager, on-line access to many specialised data bases (patents, trademarks, case law, etc.), access to the Internet and a website, etc.

Our premises are in TOULOUSE (south west of FRANCE ; main European aeronautical area), close to the airport and to the Regional Centre, established in TOULOUSE, of the French Patent and Trademark Office. Abroad, our firm is assisted by a network of selected local patent and trademark attorneys in all countries, which enables it to take action efficiently and quickly throughout the world.

Our consultants and administrative assistants speak and write fluently at least one of the following languages: English, German and Spanish.

All of the consultants and members of the administrative team benefit from ongoing training, so as to maintain the high quality of the firm’s service (follow-up of case law, training courses, etc.)