Availability searches for trademarks in France and worldwide (initial searches, extensive analogical searches).

Devising protection, filing, previous rights acquisition strategies.

Searches for trademarks filed and/or registered under a company or an individual.

Company name searches.

Filing trademark registration and renewal applications (French Trademarks, European Union Trademarks, International Trademarks).

Prosecution of Registration and renewal procedures in France, in European Union and worldwide.

Opposition procedures, appeal against a Trademark Office decision.

Registration formalities in National Trademark Register, European Union Trademark Register and International Trademark Register.

Watching of trademarks published and/or registered in France and/or in any country or region or worldwide, in any given area and/or under a company or an individual.

Use inquiries; warning letters; amicable settlements, coexistence agreements.



Availability searches.

Use inquires.



Availability searches.

Registration of domain names.

Advise and litigation on domain name issues.