Our Services

BARRE LAFORGUE & associés operate as Industrial Property Consultants (as defined in article L 422-1 of the Intellectual Property Code), which involves advising, assisting or representing its clients for the purpose of obtaining, maintaining, exploiting and protecting industrial property rights and associated rights, in particular copyright (software, artistic creations) and rights relating to all associated matters, including legal consultations and drafting of private documents.

For this purpose, the consultants define with each client the most suitable strategy for protecting its creations and trademarks (protection by patent of the technical aspects, protection by design or model for the aesthetic aspects, protection by trademark of distinctive signs, software protection, etc.).

The firm acts to protect trademarks, inventions and other creations of French origin, but also on behalf of foreign associates and clients, for protection of trademarks, inventions and creations of foreign origin, particularly in FRANCE and EUROPE.

All the forms of protection and/or filing which exist throughout the world can be put into effect, depending on the situation, i.e.:

– national patents, utility models, European patents or other regional patents, international PCT applications;

– national trademarks, European Union trademarks, and International trademarks filed according to the Madrid Agreement and/or Protocol;

– national designs, Community designs and International designs filed according to the The Hague Agreement.

A non-exhaustive list of the services provided now follows.