Coronavirus: extensions of deadlines by European Intellectual Property Offices

As announced on 16 March 2020, we are closely monitoring the evolution of the COVID-19 in Europe and have put in place a set of measures to ensure the continuity of our activities.

In this respect, we propose to take stock of the extensions of deadlines provided by the European Intellectual Property Offices:

•        In France, the INPI has decided that the deadlines related to patents, trademarks and designs according to Articles R514-1, R618-4 R 718-1 CPI, i.e. those deadlines set by the INPI (contrary to those set by law), which have not expired on 16/03/2020, will be extended to 4 months, with the exception of those relating to the trademark opposition procedure

•        The EPO has extended all deadlines to 17 April 2020 (

•        EUIPO has postponed all upcoming deadlines until May 1, 2020 (

•        In Germany, the DPMA has indicated that it cannot extend the deadlines set by the law (

•        In the Benelux, the BOIP has postponed the deadlines sin die (

•        In Switzerland, the IPI plans to decide soon on the extension of deadlines (

This information will be continuously updated.

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