Industrial Property

Industrial and intellectual property (patents of invention, trademarks, commercial or service marks, designs and models, software protection, etc) constitutes both a protection and an asset.

It is an asset which represents the financial value of company innovations and creations; it can form the basis of any operation which involves intangibles, such as contributions, transfers, licences, security, etc.

It provides protection against piracy:
it gives the company monopoly of use, which allows it to redeem its investments in Research, Development and communication, and to rightly benefit from its efforts.

It provides protection and is an asset. However, the establishment and handling of this require the technical and legal competence of high-level specialists, in other words, industrial property consultants, who have at their fingertips both engineering science and legal skills.

Their task consists of:

  • guiding the inventor in the choice of protective strategies, whilst adapting budgets to the economic factors involved; and
  • implementing these strategies, in order to constitute, negotiate and protect rights.

This is the purpose of our firm, which has been at the service of its clients for over 35 years.